So you found it. I guess you think that makes you special, huh? Well, have I got news for you. It does. It means you're in the Fringe Family and joining us for the 2016 Festival. Below you will find a slew of information to help guide you in bringing your production to fruition.

1. 2016 Participation Pack

Read it, learn it, know it. When you find yourself wondering, well, anything, make sure that you've already checked the participation pack. If it's in there, we'll make sure to point you back to it.

Participation Fee: $275 if paid by Friday, July 22nd, 11:59PM. It increases to $300 if paid between Saturday, July 23rd and Sunday July 31st.

2. Legal

Click above to access a copy of the festival contract and W-9. You can download and either fill and return copies electronically or by print.

3. Graphic Design & Marketing Pack

The above package provides you with the following materials:

  • Festival graphics and asset sheet: incorporate our design into your marketing and promotional efforts
  • Charm City Fringe logos: include the Fringe logo on your site, poster, and other materials referencing your involvement with Fringe
  • Examples: a variety of successful ads, posters, and other materials created by former artists

4. Industry Contacts & Media List (updated 08.22.2016)

The above spreadsheets include contacts for a number of important resources, including graphic designers, technicians & crew, media outlets, and more. Note that this is not a comprehensive list. We encourage all artists to reach out to personal references, collaborate using the message board below, and seek out further print, radio, television, and online outlets.

IMPORTANT: Working together to create a larger splash when reaching out to media can be very beneficial. Find productions like yours or those performing at the same venue and work every angle. It can be easier and preferential for a journalist to interview a number of artists at one time.