Fringe Benefits

See what I did there?

Baltimore has a vibrant art world and everyone who makes it out, participates, or otherwise lends their time and money is a part of the progress we make in building a stronger arts industry and culture in Baltimore. We need your support to continue doing so.

Why is this important?

Good question, question maker, glad you asked. We started Fringe four years ago after seeing most of our artist friends flee to the four arts corners of the country (Washington, New York, Chicago, and LA).

Did we agree with this?

Of course not! We went to school in the city, grew up here, and love the possibilities (just look, we started a festival). But we understood it. It may be difficult to start your own thing in one of those cities, sure, but there are also seemingly endless possibilities to become a part of something. It is, simply put, currently a challenge to sustain yourself on the arts alone in Baltimore. There are wonderful works being put on by industry pillars Center Stage and Everyman. And the future of theatre is promising when you watch productions by younger up-and-coming companies. 

However, just as a town center is made up of more than one shop, a cultural center must be made up of a vibrant landscape of companies of all sizes and varieties. The quality is surely not missing from Baltimore, but what is needed is the concentration and variety. There are the aforementioned "giants," a handful of young companies with a modest staff, and then whole heaps of artists working for free or seeking out their niche elsewhere.

 Theatre stalwarts The Strand and newcomers Interrobang Theatre Company know what a bear launching new works can be.

Theatre stalwarts The Strand and newcomers Interrobang Theatre Company know what a bear launching new works can be.

Simply put, we must come together and build on this scene, and Fringe is an important part of shaping this reality. The benefits abound. Young artists and companies are given the opportunity to focus on their art. The festival offers a platform for young companies to kick-start a season, it lessens the financial burden of producing, established companies can workshop a play, and traveling artists can find a home and an audience in a foreign city.

Through the festival, we take the onus off of companies to attain infrastructure. We bolster young companies. And the more young companies that establish themselves in the city, the more young people move to the city. The more young people that move to the city, the more people there are to see and support a vibrant arts scene. This is intensely important to both the creative future of Baltimore, but more so, the continued growth and ongoing Renaissance our city is experiencing.

We would be remiss to leave out the role that the riots and ongoing unrest from 2015 play in moving forward. But that means now, more than ever, we must decide and define our city's future. There are ongoing victories and setbacks in the course to repair our city and our city's image and we are excited to be a part of one of the defining industries. The arts can serve as grassroots PR for any city. It is a near-unwritten rule, joked about by those doing it and taken for granted (if even recognized) by many a policy-maker and businessperson, that artists play a vital role in creating and maintaining vibrant city centers.

However, the fact of the matter is that the power that artists wield as an agent for change in their communities is incredible.* Arts districts were once thought, and continue to be proven, to be powerful tools in catalyzing community revitalization and ongoing economic development. Charm City Fringe aims to augment these efforts by our arts districts** and continue our work to cultivate Baltimore as a hub for the arts. By fostering a sustainable model for producing new works, and drawing artists from around the city, state, and country, Fringe serves as a cultural ambassador for Baltimore.

How You Can Help

These artists, we must stress, are not only the reason for which we exist, but something that everyone should embrace and support if we wish to continue developing Baltimore. If you live in the city, be a part of it. Come out to shows, the Fringe Fest alone runs for 10 days each November. Volunteer! We are a growing organization and volunteering is a great way to have a huge impact, meet likeminded people, and find out what's going on in the arts world. There are heaps of shows by other artists as well - don't know where to look? Follow us on Facebook to see what we like, check out City Paper (I personally prefer the printed version), and talk to your friends and relatives.

On that note, talk to your friends and relatives. If you live in the city, tell them about the cool stuff you're seeing, remind everyone that you're not in The Wire, take them out. If you're a student, venture off campus, pay us a visit! If you don't live in the city, talk to people who do, find out what's going on, make a day of it. We promise you, there's a lot going on, from up-and-coming snack companies to a constant stream of shows, musical and otherwise, art galleries, and so much more

Like Baltimore, Fringe is developing at an alarming rate. Measuring attendance, production volume, or new programming (Fringe Academy (Spring 2016) and Nights on the Fringe (July 8-9, 2016)), Fringe has anywhere from doubled to tripled each year since 2012. However, we are a volunteer-run business. As such, we need your support to keep doing our part. So please, sign up to be a volunteer today, donate to support our programming, and tell your friends about us!

We've only scratched the surface of everything happening in Baltimore, but collectively we are all Fringe. We owe it to ourselves and to Baltimore to make sure we are a part of seeing our city develop.

-Zach Michel, Co-Founder

*Studies by the American Planning Association, as well as anecdotal evidence in Pittsburg and Yonkers surrounding the pronounced benefits of cultural and arts districts, reinforce this notion.

**Namely Station North and Bromo Seltzer, as well as area neighborhoods across the city.

Join us! Volunteer or make a tax-deductible contribution to the arts today through our secure account. Your contribution will directly bolster the ongoing efforts of Charm City Fringe and its year-round services to Baltimore's artists, audiences, and youth.

Holiday Wrap

Blink and you’ll miss it!

The 2015 Fringe Festival has wrapped, Thanksgiving has passed, and I lost my job! Before I take off for Portland and the Bay Area to visit some close friends in distant places, let’s fill you in on all the good stuff.


A hapless block of soy is eviscerated for the crowd's amusement in The Medicine Show [click image to see full photo].

We’re currently reconstructing our galleries to make them easier to view and a lot more attractive to boot. Check out how they look so far! Each year’s festival events are now viewable by clicking on each year’s respective poster, you might even find yourself in there!


This year’s winner of the 2015 Audience Choice Award went to the exciting, high-energy: THAT WAY MADNESS LIES: 30 Shakespeare Scenes in 60 Minutes, directed by Sarah Curnoles.

The 2015 Best of Fringe was a difficult choice, and went to the incredibly original, funny, and all-around Fringey: THE TRIAL OF HANNAH PORN, by Alexandra Tydings.


We want to hear from you. Tell us what you liked, what you didn't, and what you want to see next year! Please fill out this brief survey that will help us to better serve you, our fans and readers, and pass it along.


Thanks again for all of your support. As we often say, Fringe exists for you and because of you! Your support makes each year possible.

Please consider making a donation to support Fringe and our efforts to cultivate Baltimore as a hub for theatre and the performing arts, to elevate the status of our city, and to be a part of the solution! Click here or on the donate button below to make a tax-deductible contribution to Fringe before the end of the year.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and a safe New Year. See you in 2016!

Keep fringing,

Zach & Mike, Co-founders

100% Growth! 100% Better?

It's true! And we think so! We’ve got twice as many artists and venues this year, which means tons of options to choose from. Learn more about the festival, our new launch party, how to be a part of Fringe, and more below.


CCF is now an official member of the United States Association of Fringe Festivals, or USAFF for short. That’s helped attract 23 different artists and performing companies this year, coming from across the city, state, and even the country.

The full lineup with show descriptions and bios on all 23 artists is now live on our tickets & events page.


New for this year, we are throwing a grand opening to kick off the festival at Joe Squared on November 5th at 7pm. Come celebrate in style, with live music, previews of this year’s festival artists, a photo booth, and more!

With your admittance to the launch party, you also receive your festival button, a drink ticket, snacks by Joe Squared, and drink specials all night.

Get your tickets now!


Be a part of the Charm City Fringe Festival! Want to see the inner workings of a festival, meet the artists, or just go to free shows? Sign up to volunteer today! Email with any questions.

Would you like to learn more about working for Fringe? Visit our jobs page to see all of our postings and how to apply.


The Charm City Fringe Academy participated with the Shriver Center and Choice Program at the Imagining America Conference on October 3rd and 4th. We explored our model of using art as a means of social justice and a catalyst for change.  Our workshops over the last month have prepared youth for short performances in dance, hip-hop, and scene work.  Through the conference, we are able to strengthen our current program and spread our message to other organizations across the country and look forward to continue growing the Academy in 2016.

We're so excited to welcome you out to Fringe this year. Can't wait to see you there!

Zach & Mike, Co-Founders

Nights to Meet You II

Rough 'n' Tumblers at Night II of Nights on the Fringe

See what I did there?

Nights on the Fringe was a huge success. We had a ton of fun, a great turnout, and got to see some awesome new artists. But don't take it from us alone, here it is from the artists and people who were there themselves:

"Thanks again for having us as part of your awesome event!" Bawdy Shop Burlesque

"Love it. Totally creative, totally eccentric, totally Baltimore!" Caprece J.

"A great evening - keep it up!" Herman M.

"Coming to Nights on the Fringe is the best use of your time and money anyone could make, ever." Zachary M., festival organizer

We hope you made it out, and if you didn't, check out the gallery! Explore photos from the first night, up now, and put Nights on the Fringe in your calendar for 2016. In the meantime, the full-scale festival is just around the corner!

Onward and upward, what's next?

This is going to be the biggest Fringe Fest Baltimore has ever seen. Each year we see exponential growth, and 2015 is shaping up to be just as great: 100% growth from last year, more and better preview and opening productions, and cool collaborations with area businesses, including a reunion with The Brewer's Art. The only thing stopping us now is the hunt for more venues!

BYOV applications for the November Fringe Festival are still open! But not for long, if you are an artist looking to perform at your own venue, or a venue of your choosing, but still want to be a part of the Charm City Fringe Festivities, apply now through the end of July! Remember, 100% of net ticket revenue goes back to the artist.

The 2015 Fringe Festival button, artwork by Andy Schoeb

Wrap it up

So, all in all, we did it! I stress "we," because this is all possible because of you (and you, and you too!). The artists, crew, volunteers, and yes, the audiences make it all possible. Baltimore has a vibrant world of arts and everyone who made it out, participated, or donated their time and money is a part of the progress we continue to make in building a stronger arts industry and more vibrant arts culture in Baltimore. 

More on this next month. Until then, thanks for listening!

Zach Michel, Co-Founder

Volunteer or make a 100% tax-deductible contribution today through our secure account, below. Your contribution makes possible the ongoing efforts of Charm City Fringe and its year-round services to Baltimore's artists, audiences, and youth.

Nights to Meet You!

Good Tidings, Fringers. There’s no better way to celebrate a city and community than through its arts and culture!  Charm City Fringe has a lot in store for our city in the coming months, check it out!

The Festival Apps

If you have an idea for a great production, the Charm City Fringe Fest is here for you. Applications for our 4th annual Charm City Fringe Fest are open now through June 28th. Heck, if you already have a production and a place to stage it, Bring Your Own Venue! Learn about both here!

Poster art by Kevin Sherry and Andy Schoeb

The Money

More money? YES! Artists now receive 80% or more of their ticket sales, a nearly 30% increase over years’ past. What’s more, BYOV artists receive 100%.

Immerse Yourself!

A brand new event, Nights on the Fringe is a “farmers market” for the arts. Imagine a lobby full of gallery works and wandering artists there to entertain you, followed by a bill featuring an array of performing arts, multimedia, and theatre. Now stop imagining, and get excited, because it is happening live at Baltimore Theatre Project, June 26th and 27th!

Tickets go on sale soon, so stay up to date on the full lineup of artists!

The Venues

We’re also very happy to welcome some new venues into the fold this year. New to Fringe are Gallery 788 in Hampden as well as the Terrault Contemporary located in the Copy Cat building in Station North.  We can’t wait to show off these new venues and welcome audiences back to the historic Church & Co., located just off the Avenue in Hampden!

Want to have as much fun, sun, and beers in hand as these gents? Sign up to learn more about volunteering!

The Volunteers

Charm City Fringe exists due to your continued support of the arts in Baltimore and we thank you for this. If you want to jump into the fold or learn more, we invite you to reach out to our new volunteer coordinators, Renée and Michael, at, or you can click the link above.


Roles in the Charm City Fringe organization come in all shapes and sizes, join in on the fun. We’re here!

-Michael Brush, Co-founder

Support the arts! Make a 100% tax-deductible contribution to Charm City Fringe today through our easy and secure account, above.