For Patrons

How can I be a part of Fringe?

We love welcoming new members to the Fringe team, be it as an artist or a volunteer (fill out our volunteer form here). Applications for artists are now closed but you can contact us at for more info. If you would like to volunteer, or learn more about us, email

What are the dates of Charm City Fringe?

The eight annual Charm City Fringe Festival is October 10-20, 2019 in the Bromo Arts District.

How do I buy tickets?

Our online and physical box office will open later this year. Stay tuned for more information closer to the 2019 Festival.

What is the button? Why do I need one?

Buttons are a required one-time purchase with your first ticket that allows you to attend festival productions. Displaying a button is required for any patron attending a ticketed theater show, no exceptions. Buttons are NOT required for Fringe After Dark events.

If you scroll down to the artist section, you will see our generous pay structure. We give a majority of ticket revenue back to the artists. In order to keep showcasing great artists, we need your support, made possible by the button.

Where is Charm City Fringe?

Charm City Fringe is held in Baltimore, Maryland in the Bromo Arts District.

Is it safe?

Baltimore is fun, but it is a city in America, so we encourage you to do as you would do in any city - lock your car, be aware of your surroundings, and keep your taser at the ready. Ok, we're joking about the last part, but really, Baltimore is far more than what you see in The Wire, and plenty safe in areas outside of just the Inner Harbor.

Downtown Baltimore neighborhoods are among the safest in the city and statistics show they’re becoming more safe every year. Like any major city, people should take common sense precautions when walking around. We recommend paying attention to your surroundings (don’t walk and text!) and keeping belongings out of site in parked cars.

Is there parking?

Yes! We’ll post more information on this closer to the 2019 festival.

Can I buy food at this festival?

Food and drink purchases are venue specific. While some venues sell and/or allow food and drink inside, others do not. We recommend visiting one of the businesses participating in our Button Program. Flash your button for exclusive deals and discounts!

What are the festival policies?

No ticket refunds. All sales final. Transfers are available.

What if I prefer to pay cash, but I don't want the show to sell out?

Our ticketing service allows you to reserve a ticket in advance as a cash sale and then pay at the box office days or even moments before the show. Please be aware that these sales are merely holdings. If you have not completed your cash ticket purchase within 15 minutes of curtain, we reserve the right to make any unclaimed tickets available to other patrons.

Are there discounted tickets?

Charm City Fringe offers festival passes that allow you to purchase tickets to multiple shows at discounted rates. Additionally, the organization holds promotions throughout the course of the year that provide rad discounts!

How long are the shows?

The shows in Charm City Fringe range anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes in length. If you are worried about catching a flight, train, or drink with friends after the show, your best bet would be to check with the company that is producing the show.

Are the performances kid friendly?

Charm City Fringe supports kid-friendly performance, but please be advised that not all of the performances that take place during Charm City Fringe are kid friendly. Please visit our festival guide online or in print for more information on each show. If you still have any questions or concerns regarding this, please feel free to contact or check with the company performing the show.

What is a Fringe Festival?

A Fringe Festival is a great place for audiences to see up and coming performance artists entertain you at great prices. With shows ranging from puppetry and musical theatre to burlesque and improv. Fringe Festivals date back to Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947, where a number of companies performed on the outskirts, or the fringe, of the Edinburgh International Festival. Since then, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has become the largest arts festival in the world. Other Fringe festivals have sprouted all over the world and have become platforms for artists everywhere to showcase their work.

In addition to volunteering, you can also make a 100% tax-deductible contribution to the arts today through our easy and secure account, below.


For Artists

What is Charm City Fringe? 

Charm City Fringe is a new, off-centered theatre nonprofit centered in Station North and held in neighborhoods across Baltimore, Maryland, USA. CCF showcases and celebrates theater and performing arts with an annual festival while offering opportunities for young people to get interested & involved.

Why should I do Fringe?

Taking part in the Charm City Fringe Fest is a fun experience and one that offers a bunch of benefits to new and established artists alike. The Fringe Fest size and structure allow for a number of different opportunities, including:

  • Reach audiences beyond your traditional marketing and promotional reach.

  • Earn press coverage.

  • Meet and collaborate with artists from across the city, state, and country.

  • Perform for new audiences; everyone in the festival gets the same push from us, that means new people will have easy access to trying new things.

  • We handle the behind-the-scenes stuff, that means you get to put your time and energy into plugging your show and performing.

  • Our payout structure, listed below.

How do I apply?

Artist applications for the 6th annual Charm City Fringe Festival are now closed. Check back in 2019 for an application to next year's festival or email to be added to our contact list!

What are the dates of Charm City Fringe?

October 10-20, 2019. Some artists arrive and stay for the entirety of the festival, others stay in town for their performances only. It’s up to you, although we always love it when you get to spend more time with us!

Where is Charm City Fringe?

Charm City Fringe is held in Baltimore City, Maryland in the Bromo Arts District.

I'm not from Baltimore, is the area surrounding the festival safe?



Yes, really. Baltimore is fun, but it is a city, so we encourage you to do as you would do in any city - lock your car, be aware of your surroundings, and keep your taser in hand and at the ready. Ok, we're joking about the last part, but really, Baltimore is more than what you see in The Wire, and plenty safe in areas outside of just the Inner Harbor.

What is the fee for applying?

Charm City Fringe offers a $35 early-bird application fee and a $50 regular application fee.  

What is the selection process?

There is no selection or adjudication process for Bring Your Own Venue. It is required that each company provide a completed application and application fee. For performances in Fringe Managed Venues, companies must provide a completed application and application fee in order to be eligible for selection. Applications are adjudicated independently by a panel of judges not associated with the acts involved. More information on the criteria for adjudication will be provided in the application materials.

Can an artist submit more than one application?

We encourage artists to submit as many applications as they see fit. However, we caution that producing a show is a good amount of work, and we want each and every show to be as successful as possible.

Do all shows have to be theatre?

Excellent Question, question picker. No, not all of the shows in the Charm City Fringe festival need to be or will be theatre-based. Baltimore has a wonderful dance and burlesque scene, and we want to see as much performance art as possible! If you feel your performance is a match for Charm City Fringe, we encourage you to apply.

Is there a limit to the running time of performances?

Since there are a limited number of venues and a limited amount of time for artists to present their work, Charm City Fringe limits shows to a 30 to 80 minute range. Any longer, and we fear you may cut into another performer's time, any shorter and we fear the repercussions from disgruntled patrons.

Do companies have to provide lighting, sound equipment/technicians?

Regarding Fringe Managed Venues, Charm City Fringe will provide lighting, sound equipment, and technicians to the best of our abilities at the theatre company's request. However, we are limited in materials and different venues allow for different amounts of technical aspects. This is why it is imperative that we understand the needs of your production during the application process. While we cannot guarantee all technical requests, we will do our best to meet as many specifications needed by each company to ensure the best possible production.

Regarding Bring Your Own Venues, Charm City Fringe is not responsible for procuring any items related to the production of your show. Feel free to contact us at to ask for help in acquiring production equipment.  We can't promise provisions, but we can certainly help in pointing you in the right direction.

Can I volunteer to work the festival?

Can you ever! Charm City Fringe needs volunteers like it needs art. If you would like to volunteer, or learn more about volunteering options, please visit our volunteer page and tell us how you'd like to help.

How do artist payouts work?

We at Charm City Fringe want artists to receive as much as possible for all of their hard work.  

  • At Fringe-Managed Venues, artists earn 80% of ticket revenue, at minimum.

  • At Bring Your Own Venues, artists earn 100% of ticket revenue.

  • Artists ALWAYS retain rights and royalties to future performances of original works.

Tickets sales are final and cannot be refunded. In certain instances, tickets can be transferred from one performance to another.

What is the button?

Buttons are a required one-time purchase that, along with a ticket, allows you to attend festival productions. Displaying a button is required for any patron attending a ticketed show, no exceptions. 

The button offers great discounts around town as well as super cool perks within the festival! We'll share more info on this closer to the festival dates.