2013 Festival Art and Artist Announcements!

Hey there, neighbor! 

We've been a bit quiet on the festival front, but we assure you, it's been anything but slow behind the scenes. First up, check out the latest mockups for our festival posters and graphics. Okay, now imagine them with fresh new line work colors that pop off the page!

There we go! And here to our right you can see the miniature poster, also located in the thumbnail to this post.

But what is a festival without festivities. Not very good, that's what! Well, we have one company left that is finalizing their contract, but we can proudly announce that you will be able to catch wonderful performances by the following artists this fall:

The Playwrights Group of Baltimore, Single Carrot Theatre, Adam Ruben, BIG, Rob Jansen, Siobhan O'Loughlin, Rob Jansen, and the Baltimore Shakespeare Factory, with tentative performances by artist Lucie Pohl.

 Look for more news to be posted in the coming weeks, including: artist biographies, production teasers for each show, festival schedules, fun festival festivities, and of course, ticketing information and giveaways.

Thanks for listening, and remember to keep it fringe.

-Zach Michel 


Posted on September 2, 2013 .