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“So ready for Scotland.”

So ready for Scotland.”

With that began an interview of Sarah Curnoles, producer and director of the 2015 Charm City Fringe Fest Audience Choice Award winner, A Fool’s Paradise. In just a few days, Sarah and her company will be the second Festival award-winner to take their production to Scotland to perform in the largest arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Meet Charm City Fringe’s 2016 Adjudication Panel!

The Charm City Fringe team is proud to introduce the adjudication panel for our 2016 season! For the first time ever, we invited friends from across the Baltimore theatre community to help review all of our applications.

Read on for a bit of background on a few of our amazing 2016 panelists.

Nights to Meet You II

Rough 'n' Tumblers at Night II of Nights on the Fringe

See what I did there?

Nights on the Fringe was a huge success. We had a ton of fun, a great turnout, and got to see some awesome new artists. But don't take it from us alone, here it is from the artists and people who were there themselves:

"Thanks again for having us as part of your awesome event!" Bawdy Shop Burlesque

"Love it. Totally creative, totally eccentric, totally Baltimore!" Caprece J.

"A great evening - keep it up!" Herman M.

"Coming to Nights on the Fringe is the best use of your time and money anyone could make, ever." Zachary M., festival organizer

We hope you made it out, and if you didn't, check out the gallery! Explore photos from the first night, up now, and put Nights on the Fringe in your calendar for 2016. In the meantime, the full-scale festival is just around the corner!

Onward and upward, what's next?

This is going to be the biggest Fringe Fest Baltimore has ever seen. Each year we see exponential growth, and 2015 is shaping up to be just as great: 100% growth from last year, more and better preview and opening productions, and cool collaborations with area businesses, including a reunion with The Brewer's Art. The only thing stopping us now is the hunt for more venues!

BYOV applications for the November Fringe Festival are still open! But not for long, if you are an artist looking to perform at your own venue, or a venue of your choosing, but still want to be a part of the Charm City Fringe Festivities, apply now through the end of July! Remember, 100% of net ticket revenue goes back to the artist.

The 2015 Fringe Festival button, artwork by Andy Schoeb

Wrap it up

So, all in all, we did it! I stress "we," because this is all possible because of you (and you, and you too!). The artists, crew, volunteers, and yes, the audiences make it all possible. Baltimore has a vibrant world of arts and everyone who made it out, participated, or donated their time and money is a part of the progress we continue to make in building a stronger arts industry and more vibrant arts culture in Baltimore. 

More on this next month. Until then, thanks for listening!

Zach Michel, Co-Founder

Volunteer or make a 100% tax-deductible contribution today through our secure account, below. Your contribution makes possible the ongoing efforts of Charm City Fringe and its year-round services to Baltimore's artists, audiences, and youth.

Fourth ________(adj.) Festival Launch (title ad-libs)

It’s springtime at the Charm City Fringe HQ, and we're getting excited! Although the 2015 festival is months away, (block out your calendars for your Fringe Fest binge, November 8-15th) the Fringe team has been busy building up the festival, as well as the March launch of our new project, Fringe Academy: Opening Act.

Applications Open: 2015 Fringe Festival

SUPER IMPORTANT things of note:  Fringe is accepting artist applications for the 2015 festival starting on April 1st (no fools!).  That’s tomorrow folks. The Fringe team will begin eagerly awaiting YOUR application. For more information on the application process please visit the Charm City Fringe Festival Application Page.  If you don’t have all the details of your production ironed out just yet, fret not, the application deadline is June 28th 2015.

Workshop Launch: Fringe Academy

Fringe Academy: Opening Act is a place where Baltimore’s youth and young artists can learn all aspects of theatre – from acting to producing – to breed a new generation of active and involved citizens and artists within Baltimore: future business-people, artists, entertainers, and patrons of the arts alike. CCF began this process in 2013 with the Choice Program, offering volunteer opportunities for youth in the community. Learn more about Fringe Academy: Opening Act and how you can volunteer or participate by emailing with the subject line “Opening Act.”

Two workshop participants, including one of our very own Volunteer Coordinators, having what looks to be a fun time, or a terrible time, it's hard to read.

Two workshop participants, including one of our very own Volunteer Coordinators, having what looks to be a fun time, or a terrible time, it's hard to read.

Fringe After Hours

Additionally, the festival is again holding a free sign-up for performers at the festival’s Fringe After Hours events and after parties. The application will be open and available online from May through September, or until all available slots are filled. Bands, comics, and other performers can make inquiries to

Get Involved

Last but certainly not least: Fringe is a volunteer based organization and we are always looking for a fresh set of eyes and talent. If you are interested in giving back to the Baltimore arts community we invite you volunteer with us. We promise we don’t bite... 

Please follow the link to learn more about volunteering with Charm City Fringe . If you don’t have time to volunteer, please consider a tax deductible donation.

Stay tuned for more information on our Nights on the Fringe event coming this summer. Enjoy the warm spring weather, but stay cool Fringe Friends!

-Jenna Nicole Salmon, Marketing Manager

Your contribution directly bolsters the ongoing efforts of Charm City Fringe and its year-round services to Baltimore's artists, audiences, and youth.

Thanks & Giving: Awards, Thanks, and Holiday Giving

As we find ourselves venturing into the holiday season, we at Charm City Fringe find ourselves looking back onto the festival that was. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who made Fringe Fest 2014 the massive success that it was. Actors, directors, writers, tech crews, bands, comics, venue managers, and audiences all made it possible.

As a festival, Charm City Fringe once again nearly doubled in size, with each individual artist also earning 40 percent more than last year. This is a monumental step for the artists and art in Baltimore and a testament to just how much your support matters.

Photo by Laura Gardiner

This year, we built out the festival to include the Hampden neighborhood; utilizing the beautiful, eclectic Church & Company venue as well as the Great Hall Theatre at St. Mary’s and after parties at Golden West.

There was so much energy, creativity, and philanthropy on display at this year’s festival, and we here at Charm City Fringe are so thankful to everyone who made it possible. From our volunteers who put in countless hours, going above and beyond to prepare each venue, to our sponsors and partners who gave us the means to make 2014 our best yet, to the artists, who again showed that there is tons of great, fresh new work to be seen: Thank you.

This year’s Charm City Fringe Festival was a grand experience, and with your support it will continue to evolve, grow, and provide a platform for Fringe art and artists through 2015 and beyond. We’ll see you then, and perhaps sooner than you think.    

Bravo, and have a wonderful, safe, and wonderfully safe holidays.

-The Charm City Fringe Family

Photo credit: Valerie Paulsgrove, Baltimore City Paper

Photo credit: Valerie Paulsgrove, Baltimore City Paper


This year we launched an Audience Choice Award for the artist or company that receives the most votes. This year's recipient:



Each year, we choose the artist or company that most embodies the Fringe esthetic. We had countless wonderful productions, but one in particular stood out. This year's recipient:



The growth that the festival and our artists were able to achieve in 2014 is a testament to just how much your support matters.

This holiday season, we ask that you take the opportunity to give back to the artists and arts community of Baltimore. Let your friends and followers know that you participated in or support the arts scene and Charm City Fringe with the hashtag #bMoreFringe15.

We hope that you will consider Charm City Fringe in your holiday generosity.