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Artscape, Festival, and the Omnipresent "More"

Holy wow! It’s July 4th and I missed last month’s blog. Well, sometimes you miss a blog here and there. We hope you got by all right, and never fear, we’re back.

Since you last heard, a lot has gone down here at Charm City Fringe HQ (hence the missed blog, in fact): we’re getting sponsored by our friends at The Brewer's Art, expanding the festival into Hampden, and we received a ton of applicants for the 2014 Fringe Fest—that’s coming up in November, you know! I can speak for myself, but I’m also going to speak for the rest of the Fringe team when I say that we’re excited by the mix of artists and companies coming to Fringe this year.

Do you think alien encounters may be ripe for the theatrical picking? Well we have that, TWICE!

Puppets? Yes, please.

Interpretive dance and narrative storytelling? You bet.

Shakespeare? This is a theatre festival, of course there’s going to be Shakespeare (this time, a comedy!).

Improv? Darn tootin’!

There’s more too, but to find that out, you will just have to follow us on The Facebook to stay up to date (got a smartphone, more of a Twitter user? Follow us @CharmCityFringe).

“But Zach, the festival is sooo far away, it’s in November!” Oh yes, little one, but fear not, your favorite Fringe peeps will be at Artscape this July 18-20. We’ll have a table at the GBCA tent and at Theatre Project too! We’re going to have some inside scooping going on for the festival, plus our cool new T-shirts, some classic merch from Fringe past, FREE stickers, and…wait for it…




That’s about it for now. Oh yea, we’re still accepting BYOV (that’s Fringe-speak for Bring Your Own Venue) productions through the end of the month, so it’s not too late to join Fringe! Don’t scare Michael again like you did last time, send those apps in!

^last time


Zach Michel

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