We __________ (verb) You! (more title ad libs!)

Did you guess "Want?"

We hope so. We want you because we are about to begin accepting applications for the fifth annual Charm City Fringe Fest, coming this November 3-13, 2016. Young and new companies, undergrad or grad school groups, out-of-towners and traveling bards, one-person shows, established veterans of the theatre scene -- all are welcome to apply!

Artists, learn all you need to know on how to apply here. Applications run April 1 - June 26.

Five More Years!

One time only, new for 2016, Charm City Fringe is entering its fifth year! I mean really, this is hot stuff. But have you been able to catch one of our artist's shows yet? 

Now's your chance. We are bringing back Nights on the Fringe this July 8th and 9th at Baltimore Theatre Project. If you missed this last year, it is an immersive vaudevillian showcase of the arts. We are again bringing out buskers, walkabout performers, curating gallery works, and surprise guests. And that's just what you'll see before you get inside! Onstage you'll witness comedy, music, theatre, acrobats, dance, film and more.

Fringe Benefits

For this month's Benefits section, we're taking a gander at our Fringe Academy. Launched in 2015 with our Opening Act program, we are continuing our work in 2016, along with our wonderful partnership with the Choice Program. Inspired by the work of Baltimore's brilliant Stoop Storytelling series, students will explore the theatre and performing arts through the art of storytelling, utilizing a variety of performance and production tools to help them tell their story and find their voice. Since 2015, Fringe has worked with over 100 young adults, providing them volunteer opportunities, a chance to be a part of team-based projects, and empowerment through creative learning opportunities through the arts.


As part of a new initiative with other regional Fringe Festivals, we are beginning a collective of sorts to provide a more established and dependable system for hiring and providing work our seasonal staff. Keep a lookout on our jobs section for more information, as well as new positions being posted in the coming weeks. In the meantime, visit our festival friends to the south: Capital Fringe in DC is currently hiring for the summer.

As always, reach out with any questions at any time. Thanks for reading!

-Zach Michel, Co-founder

Posted on March 8, 2016 .