Five Years of Fringe, The Uprising, and You

Hey, guys!  Do you know what 2016 is? 

Oh my god, Charm City Fringe Festival is FIVE!  That’s right - FIVE years old.  If you’re thinking about birthday presents, we are really into My Little Ponys and Star Wars action figures.  But, for real, in the past four years we have put on four festivals, two Nights on the Fringe, presented 65 artists, and served over 4,500 audience members.  You were so much a part of that, that we couldn’t possibly celebrate five years without including you.  Here are some ways to get involved!:

  • Applications are now open.  Always wanted to produce a play?  Have a brilliant idea that you want a safe place to play with?  Got a bunch of friends that have only gotten to play in your dad’s garage?  Apply to perform in CCFF Numero Cinco

  • Don’t have a show/aren’t particularly creative, but really, really want to get involved?  Don’t worry, we’ll need Venue Managers, Front of House Managers, and volunteers for lots of other great opportunities as well!

We are also excited to announce that for our fifth year, we are revamping the Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) program.  This year, every BYOV venue will have their own venue manager and box office representative, to help facilitate ticket sales to your venue!

As a part of our year of celebration, Nights On the Fringe is returning bigger and better than ever.  July 8th and 9th at the Baltimore Theatre Project, you will be totally immersed, Vaudeville-style, in music, puppetry, dance, comedy, the works.  It’s gonna be hot and sexy, and so much better than staying home to “Netflix and chill.” We promise.  I mean, just look at the poster:

Aside from our usual festival programming, we are dedicated to expanding our education program this year.  The Fringe Academy has been actively engaged in working with students to find their voice through different forms of storytelling.  This semester culminated in a presentation as a part of the ARTRISING on April 26th, to “envision a Baltimore where peace and unity reign.”

This past year has been a time of transition for Charm City.  After spending a year working with NYU, I moved back to the city exactly one year ago.  On the day of the uprising.  I’ve got Old Bay in my blood, so it was important to me to find a way to make a difference here in the post-uprising time.  But all I have to give is the ability to facilitate art, and what art does do is give us a space to be, and a safe opportunity for challenging conversation.

Charm City Fringe Festival is an opportunity for us all to come together, with artists near and far, to talk, commune, and experience being an artist in Baltimore in this very, possibly most, important time.   

I hope that you will join us, as we celebrate five fantastic years in this most Charming of Cities.

-Kate Gibson, Production Chair

PS - Can’t join us, but want to contribute…  we take donations too!

Posted on May 1, 2016 .